IVFDF 2005



In addition to all the ceilidhs and concerts, there will be a range of over 40 workshops to broaden your experience of traditional music and dance. With dance workshops ranging from Appalachian clog to Balkan dance and from medieval dance to Ceroc, you will be able to learn dances from far and wide, old and new. Musical workshops will range from Shape-note singing to melodeon playing. And if you ache from too much dancing, there will be workshops to help you wind down.

Saturday Morning
09:00 - 10:00 Zydeco Dances with a Difference French Dance Lindy Hop Beginner Scottish Norfolk Tunes Running a Folk Soc
10:15 - 11:15 African Drumming Contra Medieval Shape-Note Singing Highland Juggling Tune Swap
11:30 - 12:30 Playford Maypole Dancing Mambo Irish Set Norfolk Step Cajun Singing

Singer-songwriter Jez Lowe and all three members of the Bad Pennies have agreed to share their expertise in four workshops on Saturday afternoon, before their concert.

Saturday Afternoon
15:00 - 16:00 Jez Lowe: Songwriting Andy May: Whistles/Pipes
16:00 - 17:00 Kate Bramley: Fiddle Sean Taylor: Sound (Electricity)

All workshops are great taster sessions for the different styles of dance and music. If you feel like trying something new, come along and give it a go!

10:00 - 11:00 Molly Dancing Beginner Appalachian Cheerleading Jive Calling Sailors Hornpipe Capoiera
11:15 - 12:15 Juniper Hill Advanced Appalachian North West Morris Irish Step Melodeon Bubble Blowing Salsa

Please note that the times of the workshops are yet to be confirmed and that the workshop timetable may be subject to change.


  • Advanced Appalachian - (Elise Colledge) If you've learnt the basics either earlier in this festival, or at other festivals, heres a chance to learn the next stage of this exciting percussive style of dance. Hard soled shoes recommended.
  • African Drumming - (John Sutton) - Come and learn the beats of Africa! Try your hand at African drumming in this ever popular workshop. Drums provided or bring your own! No experience necessary!
  • Beginner Appalachian - (John Dimagio) Appalachian dancing is a form of folk dancing developed in the Appalachian Mountains, Learn to the basic moves of this popular style of dance. Hard soled shoes recommended.
  • Beginner Scottish - (Norfolk RSCDS) You don't have to be a Scot to find your foot tapping to the rhythms of reels and strathspeys. You can experience the unique thrill of dancing right from your very first Eightsome Reel…
  • Bubble Blowing - (Quentin Logan) Just what is says it is - a workshop blowing bubbles! A nice relaxing workshop for a Sunday morning!!
  • Cajun - (Chris Davies) - An ever popular dance style, its ideal for people with 2 left feet, as theres only one step - its all in the arms! No partner necessary.
  • Calling - (Gordon Potts) - Your chance to learn the techniques for keeping the dance floor full, and everyone where they should be! A relaxed workshop, where Gordon will share his experiences and stories.
  • Cheerleading - (UEA Cheerleading soc) -Come along to wave and high kick your way to heaven…
  • Capoiera - (UEA Capoeira soc) capoiera possesses a unique style that brings together power and beauty, developing mental balance, physical conditioning, self-defence skills, music and a profound sense of art, all in one.
  • Contra - (Rhodri Davis) - a form of popular American folk dance in which the dancers form a set of two parallel lines which run the length of the hall. No partner necessary.
  • Dances with a Difference - (Richard Mason) Learn some of Richards hand penned adventurous dances, including dances for 7 people and 'helicopters'. More difficult than the average ceilidh dance, but extremely satisfying if you get them right!
  • Electricity and Sound - (Sean Taylor - Bad Pennies) - This is for everyone who has ever played for or been to a ceilidh or concert and the sound has been 'not quite right'. It will include tips on how to make a band sound their best!
  • Fiddle - (Kate Bramley - Bad Pennies) - Kate has a successful career both as a solo fiddle player, and as a member of the Bad Pennies. Bring your fiddle and learn some tunes, or just come and listen!
  • French Dance - (Andrew Swaine) - Come and learn some traditional French dances, such as the bourrée, waltz, schottische and mazurka. Suitable for beginners.
  • Highland - (Seonaid Gent) - Scottish Highland dancing is one of the oldest forms of folk dance, dating back to the 11th or 12th century. Learn how do dance like a true Scot!
  • Irish Set - (Chris Berry) - A form of social dancing which has been popular in Ireland for over 150 years. Danced in square set, its popularity is still growing. No partner needed.
  • Irish Step - (Marie Fenelon) -This is your chance to look like Michael Flatley! Come and learn some of the moves that will make you look like your in Riverdance. Hard soled shoes preferable.
  • Jive - (Roxanne Bligh) -The modern form of French Jive is recognised as the most popular form of partner dance of the 90's. Its great fun, easy to learn!
  • Juggling - What can we say - come and learn to juggle with the UEA Juggling soc.
  • Juniper Hill - (Golden Star) A little known Cotswold tradition - a cross between Brackley and Fieldtown. It consists of both stick and hanky dances. Golden Star Morris are one of the few morris sides to regularly dance this tradition. Suitable for all, however some experience of cotswold morris would be useful.
  • Lindy Hop - (Al and Linda Howard) - Lindy hop has no "hop" in it. It is smooth and solid, and while there is a constant rhythmic 8-count "pulse", there is no hopping, bopping, or prancing in the dance.
  • Mambo - (UEA Ballroom Society) Mambo is a dance with many influences -- African, Cuban, Jazz, Hip-Hop, even some ballet. You'll never run out of steps! No experience needed.
  • Maypole Dancing - (Susan Bramley) - With a real 12 foot maypole, come and learn the art of not getting the ribbons tangled! No experience is necessary, it is aimed at true beginners!
  • Medieval - (Amanda Williams) - A chance to try the dance that were popular 500 years ago. Very elegant and graceful. No partner needed.
  • Melodeon - (Richard Overton) - A guide to the basics and more interesting rhythmn/dynamic alternatives to playing the tune the same six times through, including crossing the rows for alternative basses. Bring your instrument.
  • Molly Dancing - (Kitwitches) An East Anglian form of dance traditionally performed (without the aid of sticks or hankies!) by ploughboys. This workshop is run by the Norwich Kitwitches - the oldest Molly side in the world, in a rare, one-off, appearance outside of their traditional dance season. This is an opportunity not to be missed!
  • Norfolk Step - (Richard Blake) -Norfolk step-dancing is a hard-shoe, fast, free-form style of solo dance formerly used in pubs and other social gathering places. There are rumoured to only be about 5 people today who still know how to do this dancing…
  • Norfolk Tunes - (Alan Helsdon) - Alan shares his wide knowledge of traditional Norfolk tunes. This is your chance to learn some lesser know local tunes.
  • North West Morris - (Fiddlesticks) - One of the most energetic and precise forms of morris dancing, dancing in clogs Fiddlesticks will teach you some traditional North West dances. All you need for this workshop is lots of energy!
  • Playford - (Andrew Swaine) - Learn this graceful form of dance from the 17th century.. For those who've never seen or tried Playford, think Jane Austen…
  • Pipes/whistles- (Andy May - Bad Pennies) -Andy is a record-breaking piper, nine-time winner of the Northumbrian Pipers Society Annual Open Competition! He will teach tunes for both pipes and whistle. Bring your whistle, or come and listen!
  • Running a Folk Society - (Aisling O'Brien - IVFDF Development Officer) -A session for societies to swap ideas as well as helping start new ones. If you are currently involved in running a folk society and would like some new ideas, if you have successful ideas to share, come along.
  • Sailors Hornpipe - (Martyn Harvey) - Here is your chance 'dance like a sailor'! Martin will teach you how to look like a true professional!!
  • Salsa - (Sue Cariello) - Salsa dancing is vibrant and fun, with music that will move you! Come and learn this sexy, energetic form of dance! No partner needed!
  • Shape-note Singing (Mick Verrier) - Come and experience the folk music of the 18th/19th Century English and American church. It uses shaped noteheads to indicate position in the scale. The songs are sung in three or four parts without instrumental accompaniment. No experience is needed, as the workshop is aimed at beginners.
  • Singing - (Molly Barrett) - An informal sing around session hosted by local singer Molly, who will share some of her traditional Norfolk songs. Come and just join in or share your favourite songs with others.
  • Song writing - (Jez Lowe) - A chance to learn the art of song writing with Jez Lowe. He is a remarkable songwriter using wit, warmth, and keen perception in his songs. He will share his years of experience, to help all budding song writers.
  • Tune Swap - (Richard Overton) - A chance for musicians to share their favourite tunes, and learn new ones. You don't have to provide a tune, so if you just want to come and learn some new ones, you are more than welcome!
  • Zydeco - (Mark Safe) - Zydeco is a popular accordion-based musical genre hailing from the prairies of Louisiana. Zydeco dance is syncopated version of two-step, that is done in place, as opposed to travelling around the room as with Cajun two-step or waltz.

IVFDF 2005 is supported by Norfolk County Council