IVFDF 2005

Scottish Dance List

  1. Duke of Atholl's Reel [J]
  2. The Hamilton Rant [R]
  3. Wind on Loch Fyne [S]
  4. The Frisky [J]
  5. Round Reel of Eight [R]
  6. Glasgow Highlanders [S]
  7. Wild Geese [J]
  8. Shiftin' Bobbins [R]
  9. Silver Tassie [S]
  10. Rothesay Rant [J]
  11. Eightsome Reel [R]
  12. Postie's Jig [J]
  13. Reel of the Puffins [R]
  14. Miss Catherine Ann [S]
  15. Quarie's Jig [J]
  16. Fisherman's Reel [R]
  17. MacDonald of the Isles [S]
  18. Miss Allie Anderson [S]
  19. Australian Ladies[R]
  20. Schiehallion [S]
  21. Duke of Perth [R]
  22. Mairi's Wedding [R]

Extras: Luckenbooth Brooch [J], Plantation Reel [R].

IVFDF 2005 is supported by Norfolk County Council