IVFDF 2005

Bits and Pieces

Craft Fair

There will be a craft fair throughout Saturday and Sunday in room 1.28 upstairs in Union House. There will be a number of different stalls there, with lots of things to buy. Please go and visit them!


Showers will be available at the Sports Centre throughout Saturday and Sunday. A fee of 50p is required to gain access to the sports centre, but they are happy for people to just go and shower after paying. They do ask however, that you don't troop along at the same time! The sports centre is open form 7.30am to 10pm every day.

Car Parking

Cars can be parked in the university car park throughout the weekend, but you will have to pay 1 per day. (if you leave the car park and re-enter it throughout the weekend, it's 1 each time though!) You will need to keep your parking pass throughout the weekend. Camper-vans are welcome, but it will not be possible to accomodate towed caravans.

Banks and Telephones

There are banks and cash points for most major high street banks on 'The Street' on campus, underneath Union House. Public telephones are available near each exit to the LCR as well as near Porters Lodge at the entrance to UEA.


Smoking is permitted in the Hive bar area only. It is not permitted in the LCR, Music Centre, Drama Studio, Common rooms or the School. Please respect this, by only smoking in the Hive.


A service is held in the University Chaplaincy on Sunday Morning. Contact reception for more details.

First Aid

First Aid is provided throughout the weekend by St Johns. If you require any first aid, please contact reception or ask a steward who will be able to help.


We have exclusive access to Union House throughout the weekend. However, please do not go upstairs after 11pm except to collect baggage. Sleeping, music and late night dancing is not allowed upstairs.

Late night Dancing

Late night dancing will be in the Hive. Please bear in mind that people will be sleeping in the LCR, so try to keep noise down to a dull roar!


Displays will take place throughout the day on Saturday during the ceilidh marathon. In order for our ceilidh marathon bands to change over (at break neck speed) in the LCR the displays will take place next door in the Hive.

Display slots are between 10 - 15 minutes each and we aim to have 2 per change over. Please sign up at reception for a display slot on Friday. The Hive will be available for practicing on Saturday morning, so please book a practice time slot if you want one.

Music Sessions

People are welcome to play music throughout the weekend. The best place throughout the weekend will be the end of the Hive (in the glass bit!). Just follow your ears, and you’re bound to find a music session!!

Reps Meeting

This is your chance to find out about what's going on, and have your say about future IVFDFs .The reps meeting will be held at 5pm on Saturday in Nelson Common Room A. If you are a university society, please send along 2 representatives as you have voting rights. Anyone is welcome to attend, although they cannot vote. To keep up to date throughout the year on IVFDF news, register with ivfdf-news group on the ivfdf.org website.


Stewards will be wearing green t-shirts with our logo in black. They will be around throughout the weekend, as well as on reception, based in Union House, which will be manned all weekend. In case of emergency please call 07960 735681 to get straight through to one of the committee members. Please ask a steward if you have any questions or problems.


Your IVFDF wristband will entitle you to entry to all events and workshops throughout the weekend. Please keep them visible at all times to enable us to allow you entry to events quickly. Please note that numbers may be limited in some venues.


Our student union have kindly allowed us all to sleep in Union House. Ample sleeping is available in the LCR and Hive after the evening ceilidhs on Friday and Saturday. Please be patient while stewards quickly clean these rooms ready for sleeping. (Go and enjoy the late night dancing while you wait!) There is also limited early sleeping in the Nelson Court Common Rooms. Please do not go and 'bag' places here on arrival, it is purely on a first come first serve basis as people actually want to go to bed. They will also be available for 'snoozing' throughout Saturday. On the downside, unfortunately you will have to 'live out of a suitcase' for the weekend, as you will have to pack up your sleeping gear each morning. On the upside, these rooms will not be used for workshops in the mornings, and so you can have a lie in!


All baggage must be stored in Room 1.33 (upstairs) during the day and evening. The room will be locked during the day, but access can be gained by asking reception at any time throughout the day. It will be open in the evenings, for people to get to their baggage. Everything left is done so at the owners own risk.

IVFDF 2005 is supported by Norfolk County Council