IVFDF 2005


T-shirts will be available in three different forms: standard t-shirt, ladies fitted t-shirt and ladies vest top. Both the standard t-shirt and the ladies fitted t-shirt will display our mascot, Scuff, on the front and a 'Scuff and signpost' motif on the back. The ladies vest top will sport the front motif only.

Front of a t-shirt, in lilac.
Back of a t-shirt, in turquoise.

All the t-shirts will be in black, but with different colour motifs. The available colours are: red, turquoise, white, yellow, lilac, pink and orange.

At seven pounds for a t-shirt and only five pounds for a vest, you know you should get one, either as a souvenir or to keep the collection up to date! Although the deadline for advanced orders has passed, a selection will be available to buy at IVFDF 2005.

IVFDF 2005 is supported by Norfolk County Council