IVFDF 2006


Workshops will be added here as they are confirmed. Descriptions will be added as the workshop leaders confirm them. A provisional workshop timetable is now available.

Morris Scottish Step Social - set
Social - couple Other dance Music Other things
Cotswold Morris Pecsætan
If you've ever fancied donning some whites and walking down the street jingling merrily, this workshop is for you. Even if not, come along and be surprised. Pecsaetan Morris will introduce you to the basics of Cotswold Morris. Absolutely no experience necessary, but please bring two hankies if possible.
Border Morris Terry and Linda Dix
Dances from the Welsh borders brought to you by the side everyone else wants to be. Terry Dix from The Witchmen will teach you an energetic dance from their repertoire. Bring a stick if possible.
Broom Dance Deborah Carpenter and Nick Wiseman-Ellis Nick Carpenter
At last year's Towersey festival these dancers from Ouse Washes Molly took the traditional Cambridgeshire broom dance to a new level. In this workshop they will teach you the elements of the traditional dance and how to put a contemporary spin on them. If you have your own broom bring it along, otherwise brooms will be provided.
Getting Jiggy with Jameson (Morris jigs) Jameson Wooders Sue Cozens
The art of posing and performance in Cotswold Morris jigs, with Jameson Wooders, both a winner and a judge of the John Gasson Memorial Jig Competition (but not, we hasten to add, in the same year) Music will be provided by Sue Cozens, herself a winner of the Jig Competition. Some experience of Cotswold morris is useful. Bring wavers if you have them.
Molly Pig Dyke Molly
Pig Dyke's Molly is based solidly in what we know of the tradition... but with a view for what is needed to fascinate the twenty first century audience. This workshop will explore one of Pig Dyke's dances, from what was collected to the dance Pig Dyke has created from the tradition - Moral Turpitude.
Rapper Black Swan
Swords don't thrill people - rappers do.

That's right, learn to thrill people with swords the rapper way. Black Swan Rapper, winners of the trophy for most exciting team at the Dancing England Rapper Tournament for the past four years will teach figures from their dances.
Beginners' Country Andrew Kellett James Gray
The perfect introduction to this energetic and social dance form; Andrew won't let the toe pointing get in the way of fun. This workshop should give you a bit of confidence and help you to enjoy the evening dance. Soft shoes if you've got them.
Highland Carmel McEniery
Mention Scotland and most people think of tartan, whisky and the Highland Fling. This is your chance to learn this traditional dance in the capable hands of Carmel McEniery. Bring soft shoes and plenty of energy. Tartan and whisky optional.
Intermediate Country Kirstie Urquhart James Gray
This is a class for dancers with a good basic knowledge of Scottish country dancing. The emphasis will be on the improvement of technique and the teaching of some more unusual dances. Soft shoes and an ability to count to eight recommended.
Ladies' Step Alison Gundy
Ladies' step dances are mainly solo dances. They are danced in a softer and more balletic style than Mens' Highland dances but are no less exhausting. The basic steps will be taught followed by a complete dance. Soft shoes recommended. Open to all.
Scottish conversion course Adam Hughes James Gray
English Ceilidh dancer? Want to dance to the Sensational Jimi Shandrix Experience? Skip the basics and learn to bluff what you don't know. Experienced Scottish and English dancer, Adam Hughes will take English Ceilidh dancers over the border, ready for tonight's Scottish dance and next year's hike up to Edinburgh.
Appalachian Pam Russell
Appalachian dance is a percussive step dance which grew out of freestyle stepping. This workshop will introduce you to the basic steps building up to a simple dance routine with bucks and chugs, cowboys and wagon wheels! All you need is enthusiasm and a pair of flat smooth bottomed shoes. Leather slides well!
Flatfooting Diane Silver Changeling
Flatfooting is a percussive dance style from the Appalachian mountains, sometimes called Southern-style clogging. In this workshop, you'll learn the basic steps that are the building blocks for more complex rhythms. You'll come away with a few key steps so you can jam at festivals or pubs, plus a foundation for picking up additional steps and choreographies (swapping moves with other cloggers).
Irish Step Fiona Bradshaw Jess Arrowsmith
All levels welcome (some dancing experience preferable). Led by Fiona Bradshaw, step dancer with The Demon Barbers, this workshop will cover the basics of Irish dancing in the form of a jig, with an opportunity for the more experienced dancers to try the more complicated stuff! We will have the privilege of dancing to the fiddle music of Jess Arrowsmith of Crucible and Hekety.
Percussive Improvisation Dan Sheridan Dave Holland
There's rhythm inside all of us. Whether you make sounds with your feet or with drums, Dan will help you get that rhythm out! Take the first steps towards improvisation and trading, and learn how to communicate in rhythm. Please wear clogs, taps, or hard shoes, or bring your own percussion.
Social - dances in sets
A Chance to Dance Bob Ridout
Steps, style and sexy sauntering. Traditional dances could never be that good. Could they?
Irish Set Pete Grassby
Pete will be teaching a basic Irish set dance, no experience necessary, the form is square sets of four couples, but many figures can be danced as a half-set. We will attempt the Cashel set, which has several individual figures and the marvellous 'Hoppy'. Basic moves will be taught so if you've never done any before don't be afraid to come and try; be warned, life will never be the same again!
Kentucky Running Set Hugh Stewart Denise and Norman
Running Set is a dance form common in the Southern States of the U.S.A. which later evolved into American Square Dance. Despite its name it only involves running if the music is very fast, but it does tend to be continuous. Hugh is a vastly experienced caller with many years of successful workshops to his name. We are really pleased to welcome him back to teach a few of the many KRS figures and moves.
Maypole Dancing Joanna Buckingham Anthony Bearon
Surely you can't really say that you've done folk dancing until you've handled a maypole or two. Joanna will teach you exactly where to put those ribbons and, more to the point, how to undo them again. Derbyshire style.
Playford Rachel Bearon Denise and Norman
Don't miss out on the dance craze of 17/18th Century England. Rachel Bearon will bring her playful teaching style to ensure all will enjoy the lingering looks, magical patterns, and timeless melodies that Playford has in store. Having just returned from the USA, Rachel will teach several dances that are well-loved in Seattle alongside lively Round (Cambridge Uni. English dance) favourites.
Square dancing - Lloyd Shaw Display Figures Rhodri Davies Denise and Norman
This workshop will practice some some of the display figures used by Lloyd Shaw's western square dance display team from 1936 to 1976. They look spectacular and have been used in a number of IVFDF displays, but are easy to do provided you can bend in several directions at once - a cross between a yoga session and a group hug!
Welsh Dance Dennis Owen Mary Humphreys and Anahata
Welsh folk dancing was almost wiped out in the 18th and 19th centuries by Non-conformist groups who considered it sinful. Fortunately other people managed to record the dances. The Welsh Folk Dance Society was formed in 1949 with the aim of promoting and resurrecting the old dances, and this workshop will give you a taste of these dances from the 17th century to the present day.
Social - dances for couples
Cajun Glyn Roberts
The wonderfully distinctive Cajun music is from the bayous and plains of southwest Louisiana, USA, and has become popular all over the world. There is a whole a range of dances comprising the Two Step and Waltz which are sociable, quickly learnt couple dances, while the Cajun Jitterbug is faster with an even simpler step but cool moves. Bring a partner or let Glyn find one for you. Glyn has been part of the vibrant UK Cajun dance scene for more than 15 years and has taught at festivals and gigs all over the country.
French dance Elizabeth O'Beirne Ranelagh Dave Holland and Nick Hart.
Zut alors! Come and learn to bourree, schottische or mazurka... or maybe polish up your rondo or chapelloise. Elizabeth from local club Cam-French will keep you on your toes (not literally) and if you're lucky she won't pull your little finger. Music will be provided by Dave (hurdy-gurdy) and Nick (pipes). No experience or partner necessary.
Rock 'n' Roll Cambridge Dancers' Club
Rock and Roll is a fun, energetic dance developed in the 50s that is still alive and fresh today. Dancing to classic hits as well as to modern cheesy music, teachers of the Cambridge Dancers Club will help you explore this exciting dance form.
Scandinavian dance J2ohn Stewart The Sheffield Spelmanslag
Sample the basic polska - Swedish national dance - and other wonderful turning couple dances, Schottis, and others including a mad Polonaise. Fabulous tunes with subtle rhythms from the rich Sheffield ceilidh sockers muso scene. Bring flat slippy shoes and expect to be whirled away!
Other dance
Bharata Natyam Magdalen Gorringe
Magdalen will perform some dances from the South Indian dance tradition bharata natyam before giving you the chance to try out the rhythms and drama of the dance for yourselves. No experience necessary, be prepared to dance in bare feet. (Limited numbers.)
Circle Dance Angela Dyer
Wake up gently on Sunday morning with dances dedicated to the goddess. Come along to find out which one.... With no partner to worry about, you can relax and let the music take you. And be certain that you will be wide awake by the time you leave.
Historical Dance Capriol Dancers
Give the twentieth century a rest for a short while and enjoy learning some dances from the first great age of "the dancing English", the sixteenth century. The Capriol Dancers will guide you through the main types of dance from that century: pavans, galliards, corantos, almains and the famous Arbeau branles, many with miming.
Tahitian Dance Emeline Janel
Have your coconuts at the ready and join Emeline with hip-wiggling, grass-skirt-shaking, good old-fashioned Pacific fun. Emeline will be teaching women's dancing, but everyone is welcome to have a go.
Ukrainian Dance Michael & Sarah Buriak
Get your festival off to a flying start with a chance to learn one of the celebrated dances of the Ukraine - the Hopak. Michael and Sarah of the Metelyk Ensemble will demonstrate and guide you through this energetic and distinctive dance form.
Fiddle Jess Arrowsmith
Participatory workshop, for beginner/intermediate fiddle players who can already play at least a simple tune. The workshop will explore phrasing, ornamentation and bowing techniques, playing by ear and helping you to develop your own style. Jess plays fiddle with ceilidh band Hekety and concert band Crucible, and dances with Pecsaetan.
Georgian Singing Cecilia Jung
The most noticable thing about Georgian singing are the surprising changes of eastern european harmonies. Bass lines will be measured on the Richter scale but no glasses will be shattered except when Yodeling. Bring your friends and get closer to them in a musical way. Mravalzamier!!
Playing in a session Mary Humphreys and Anahata
If you're happy and you know it... come and play! This gentle introduction to the art and tunes of sessions should get you in the mood for joining one or more of the many sessions throughout the festival and beyond. Some music, entertainment and a slow metronome marking will be provided.
Scratch band Stömp
If you want to be part of the band that will be playing for the Survivors' Ceilidh this is your chance to practise the tunes that everyone will be dancing to. Come along to one or both of the workshops and get some top tips on playing the tunes from Stömp. Music will be provided.
Singing Katy Hayes
A familiar face from Shooting Roots workshops, Katy leads a mix of traditional English folk songs in harmony and others with a more international flavour. Singers, only-in-the-bath singers and non-singers are all welcome.
Other stuff
Calling Sheila Mainwaring
Sheila calls for dances throughout the country and has appeared at all the major Folk Festivals. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced caller, come along to discuss your calling experiences, difficulties and successes (just in time for the survivors' ceilidh!).
Circus Skills Trick Swap Workshop and Grace Jackson
Throughout the first two sessions on Sunday morning the Sports hall will transformed into a big top where you can try out your circus skills and pick up a few more. Drop in and have a go at poi, pole, juggling, staff, diablo, unicycling, and balancing. Experienced teachers will be on hand, and you can bring your own talents to share.
Equal Ops for Callers Ann Hinchliffe
Sex, Dance and Rock 'n' Roll. Experienced caller and musician, Ann Hinchliffe, will lead a discussion on how to get everyone to enjoy an evening's dancing regardless of ability, disability, age or gender. Learn how to strip the willow in a wheelchair and how to get real about pc. Come prepared to talk, dance and maybe even think a bit.
Law, dance and licencing Shivaji Shiva
Meet in the bar, drink beer and talk about music, dance, licencing and community pubs. Shivaji specialises in advising charities and other voluntary organisations with a particular interest in artists and arts organisations - from Arts & Business and the Arts Council to individual dancers. He is a real lawyer, so please buy him a beer.
Mumming Jenny Lane
"In comes I..." Bring out the actor in you with this workshop in mumming -- the original community drama, where good always wins, any excuse for a good sword fight will do, and the dead can be resurrected by beer. With scripts, costumes and demonstrations provided by Jenny and English Miscellany.
Pilates Emma Kerr
Experienced instructor Emma Kerr will give you an introduction to the Pilates Method, a form of exercise that really benefits dancers by improving body awareness, co-ordination and posture, as well as increasing flexibility and ease of movement. A great stress reducer, this is the perfect way to start Sunday morning.
Storytelling Forum Caroline David and Ann Hinchliffe
Storytelling is possibly the most ancient art of all. Experienced or new, bring a story to share or come ready to listen. Either way, join a relaxed circle with storytellers Caroline David and Ann Hinchliffe.