Tickets are available to book in advance. Please print out a booking form and send the completed form together with a cheque (payable to IVFDF 2003) for the appropriate amount to:

IVFDF 2003
39 Blake Street
S6 3JQ

In most cases you can also buy tickets at the Sheffield University Box Office (located in the entrance to the students union). Tickets for the Survivors Ceilidh and Display Ceilidh will be available on the door. Tickets for Horace X must be bought before midnight - we can't let anyone in on the door.

For more information, more documents and more information about viewing them please see our Download & Print section of this site. Booking forms are available in Adobe PDF format and in text only - please click the icon below to select.


Ticket Booking Form
Just the booking form and contact information

  Complete Flyer / Leaflet
Full details of the festival, booking form included.

Prices are shown below and tickets are currently available in advance by post for all the main events (bookings for specific workshops will be available once the schedule is complete). Please book early to make our lives easier...

  Waged Unwaged
Weekend Ticket £20 £13
Indoor Camping (Freed with weekend ticket only) - -
Friday Evening £5 £4
Saturday (All Events) £10 £7
Saturday (Saturday ceilidh & Scottish only) £6 £4
Saturday (Saturday concert only) £5 £4
T-Shirts £7 £7