An (almost) full workshop list is show below. There are still a couple which are waiting for confirmation, but we may leave those as a surprise for the people who turn up!

In alphabetical order:

Accompanying tunes and songs Gloworms
For ALL instruments and voices. Looking at how to bring out the best material of yourself and others. Gloworms are a trio of talented young folkies, Laurel Swift, Jon Brenner and Colin Cotter.
African Drumming Bill & The Mundi Drummers
The beats of Africa come to Sheffield! If your feet have had enough dancing, it's time to feel the rhythm in your hands instead. All welcome, drums provided but bring your own if you want.
Appalachian Kate Holland
A mixture of the Precision Clogging and Flatfoot styles. Kate dances with Broken Ankles, one of the UK's top Appalachian sides. In September she starts university at Birmingham. She hopes to start running classes and a team there, if you are interested let her know! All levels. Hard soled shoes/taps advised.
Balkan folk dance workshop Paul Boizot
Dances from Eastern Europe. Bulgarian, former Yugoslavian, Rumanian, Rom/Gypsy, Albanian circle and line dances. Beginners level. Paul lives in Sheffield and has taught Circle Dance, including Balkan dances, since 1992.
Balloon Modelling Ben Higgs
Learn how to turn seemingly innocuous long, thin balloons into weird and wonderful creatures and shapes.
Border Morris Elephant Up a Pole
Taught by Elephant up a Pole Morris, based in Earlsdon in Coventry. They began when they went to a border workshop and wanted to try this boisterous, unruly, energetic form of morris dancing. Beware! It might happen to you! All levels.
Breton Song Yannick Minvielle
Ease yourself into the morning with gentle song (in French) and mesmerising dancing in the tradition of a Breton Fest-Noz. Yannick teaches Breton dance and song in Leeds.
Broom Dance Simon Read
The Ultimate broom dance! This dance was taught to Simon in 1998, he has since adapted it slightly adding his own moves. It includes moves from Wales, Fenland Molly dancers, and Dartmoor broom dancers.
Calling Nick Walden
Always wanted to be the one at a ceilidh who tells everyone what to do and gets them dancing? Whether you've tried it before or are a complete beginner, you can learn more from one of the masters!
Concertina Michael Jary
Learn some new tunes, get some pointers on how to play for dance, and generally improve your technique.
Contra Rhodri Davies
America's answer to ceilidh dancing, with less bounce, and more spin! Rhodri has taught and shared his enthusiasm for this dance at many an IVFDF. This is a chance to learn from an expert!
Cotswold Morris Dog Rose
'Boy-band' team Dog Rose take you through the paces of morris with altitude. A chance to learn from the team described by Time Out magazine as "Like a streak of lightning" . Morris as it should be! Intermediate level- for people who have done some morris before
Creative Dance Improvisation Aukje Delnooz
Exactly what it says on the tin: (creative) and (dance). If you would like to make up your own exciting new dance, this is the workshop for you! Experience welcome but not necessary. Wear loose clothes and comfortable footwear or bare feet.
Dances With A Difference Richard Mason and others
This will wake you up if nothing else can - Richard Mason and a few others call slightly odd, warped or inside-out ceilidh dances.
"Doing the Double" Gloworms
Set Dance. Relearn the temporarily lost art of playing and set dancing to 3/2 hornpipes.
Drumming - Irregular rhythms from Eastern Europe Paul Boizot
Try drumming in 7/8 and other odd numbers! Taught by Paul Boizot of Cosmo Kolo and Meridian Circle Dance bands. For darabuka / dumbek (hand drum), though you may get something out of it on other percussion. Some percussion experience useful but not essential if you have a sense of rhythm. Please bring your own drum.
Fiddle - Playing in a Folky Style Jess Arrowsmith
Intermediate level, part discussion & demonstration, part participation. Jess Arrowsmith is a member of Hekety and a highly experience fiddler on the folk circuit.
French Helena Davenport & Graham Knapp
A slinky whirl through all the bal basics plus some more unusual styles and variations.
Irish Step Sister Act
Sister Act perform a variety of percussive dance styles, including Irish. If you see them display on Friday in the Hekety ceilidh and want to learn more, now's your chance. Hard soled shoes and some dance experience preferred, but not necessary.
Juggling-Performance Skills Gavin
Gavin has performed with the Pictish State Circus. He will not only teach you how to juggle, but how to look impressive while doing it!
Klezmer Jo Veal, Lindsay Aitkenhead & Josie Wexler
Sexy, emotional Jewish music. Lean some traditional klezmer tunes & some dances too.
Lindy Hop Sue Freeman
Lindy Hop is the dance which began the Swing-jive phenomenon. Lively, exciting and stylish, this partner-based dance is sure to get a grin on your face! Sensible shoes (no high heels) suggested, no need to bring a partner as we will change partners regularly.
Longsword Handsworth Sword
Handsworth Sword dancers will teach you to dance with cold, dangerous steel. Local to Sheffield, they are keen to pass on this traditional Yorkshire dance. Fearless? This is for you!
Mask Making Jenny Langridge
If your feet are feeling tired come and be creative with your hands! Jenny will show you how to create a truly personalised mask. Explore your Alter-ego and make a lot of mess!
Molly Gog Magog
Imagine morris, without the bells, sticks or hankies, add a lot of stomping and shouting and more visual, complicated figures, and you've got Molly. Gog Magog Molly of Cambridge will teach you this stomping, fast-moving East-Anglian dance.
North West Morris Laurel Swift
One of the most energetic forms of morris, North West is traditionally danced in clogs and with military precision. Laurel is a member of Gloworms and has taught and tutored at nearly every major festival around the country, including being the Youth Director at Sidmouth and Towersey.
Percussive Dance Firestone
Firestone from Exeter dance a mixture of Appalachian, Irish, and other percussive dance styles, including some totally made up ones. Come and tap your feet in totally new ways! Hard soled shoes suggested.
Playing in a Ceilidh Band members of Hekety
"What makes the difference between being a group of people standing on stage playing music and being a dance band?" Part discussion & demonstration, part participation. Bring an instrument if you wish, dots & chords will be provided.
Rapper Triskele
This is an impressive and intricate dance, with a team of five people wielding double handled, bendy swords! Hard soled shoes preferred.
Salsa Anna
The dance phenomenon from Cuba that has swept the country for the last decade, salsa is energetic and stimulating. No partner necessary. All levels.
Scandinavian Dance John Stewart
John, well known on the ceilidh circuit for his enthusiasm for interesting and fun dance, teaches some of the whirling, intricate dances of the Scandinavian area. Mostly partner dances, but you don't need to bring a partner.
Scottish Dance RSCDS
Always wanted to try Scottish dancing, but felt scared of turning up to a dance? Come along and learn the basics of some Scottish ceilidh dances.
Scottish Intermediate David Queen
If you've done Scottish before, you're hooked and want to learn more, David Queen of Scottish Measure (and your Caller for the Saturday night dance) will show you some new steps and dances.
Scratch band rehearsal Hekety
Led by members of Hekety. If you are interested in being in the band please come along and have a play through the tune list as a warm up for the final ceilidh. This is also the best time to add your own suggestions of tunes to the tune list! The plan is to play for about an hour and then to get set up on stage, start sound checking etc. Dots and chords will be available at the workshop but will also be available at the information desk from Friday.
Storytelling Simon Heywood
Let Si take you away into the realms of fantasy with his tales.
Tap Sue Freeman
Learn a simple and fun routine, in a relaxed style, to music that you won't be able to resist. Hard soled shoes suggested.
Tune Swap Gloworms
Moderated exchange of tunes. Share your favourite tunes with other musicians and learn a few new ones. Run by Jon Brenner, Colin Cotter and Laurel Swift.
Welsh Clog Carol Loughlin
Clog dancing from Wales. Beginners level, please wear hard soled shoes/clogs if you have them!