IVFDF has been running since 1951 and is the country's longest
continually running folk festival. Last held in Sheffield in 1998 (and many times previous to that!) it is coming back in 2003 when it will be hosted by Sheffield University Ceilidh Society and Sheffield University

An exciting and dynamic festival held at a different university each year. You don't have to be a student to go, just vaguely young or energetic. IVFDF stands for 'Intervarsity Folk Dance Festival'. The keyword is FESTIVAL: basically, hundreds of people descending on Sheffield for three days and two nights of intense dancing, drinking, playing music and singing, until they are unbelievably exhausted. There is the option of sleep for those who can bear to miss something.

IVFDF is open to everyone and caters for a wide range of ages and interests with numerous ceilidhs and workshops - the last IVFDF had over 50 workshops and we are hoping to have a similar number (or more!) this year.

Bands booked: Hekety (with Gordon Potts), Bedlam (with Nick Walden), Scottish Measure, Alterations (with Geoff Cubit) and Horace X. In addition Martin Carthy is booked for a concert on Saturday and we have our own resident (and practiced!) musicians playing for the Display Ceilidh.

30 Aug

In 2004 IVFDF will be hosted at Exeter. You can find more information on IVFDF 2004 on their site. If you are looking for information for other years please see the central site.

13 Mar

Ok, a bit late but we now have a list of lost property. If any of this is your send us a more detailed description and we'll talk about how to get it back to you.

3 Mar

Well it's all over and it seems to have been fairly successful. Most people seem to have had a good time and the few problems didn't dampen the affair too much. As usual we have a fair selection of lost property and we'll put up a list shortly (please feel free to email us in the mean time). Photo and other bits and pieces will be going up over the next week at the main IVFDF site.

25 Feb FESTIVAL CONTACT: You can get hold of us during the festival weekend on 0701 741 8950 if you have any problems (or want help in finding out where to go). This number should work at any time (day or night) during the festival but try to be nice to us!
24 Feb More updates to the 'Getting Here' information and information on downloading the PDF files for those that may have had problems. There is now a web based timetable (in colour!).
17 Feb The map and 'Getting Here' information has been updated. There is also a PDF version for printing. If you are turning up by car or bus you may wish to go directly to the sleeping venue when you arrive, see accommodation for details.
16 Feb The timetable is now available (OK, it's a day late!) and the list of workshops is fairly complete (there are one or two that we are still waiting for confirmation of - they are not on the current list). There is a PDF version of both of these in the download section.
14 Feb Apparently there have been a rumour that we don't have sleeping going round. Just to make it clear - there is NO problem with indoor camping. More details on the Accommodation page.
12 Feb We are just finalising the timetable. Details should be up at the weekend (15th Feb). The Scottish Dance Programme is now available.