Become a steward!

Do you want to enjoy IVFDF for cheap and get a free exclusive T-shirt, whilst helping the festival to run as smoothly as possible? Then consider signing up to be a steward for the weekend! In return for donating a number of hours of your time to the festival you will be refunded your festival pass and gain a free steward-exclusive T-shirt.

Stewarding can be a great way of meeting new people, especially if you’re planning on coming to IVFDF alone. Most stewarding duties are not very strenuous and allow you to enjoy an element of the festival whilst helping us.

In order to apply to become a steward you have to purchase a weekend ticket and fill up this form to sign up. At the end of your shifts your ticket purchase discount will be refunded.  If you have any queries about stewarding at IVFDF 2014,  please email .

Information for potential stewards

  1. Stewards duties will range from working on the reception desk, to manning events and overnight sleeping venues.
  2. Stewards will be expected to complete approximately 7-10 hours of duties spread over the weekend.
  3. Stewards will be required to attend a briefing session prior to the commencement of their duties, to familiarise themselves with the building, the health and safety policies and the risk assessments that have been carried out for each room. They will also be provided with details of what to do in case of an incident.
  4. Upon completion of all duties, the price of your ticket (but not overnight camping tickets nor merchandises and booking fee) will be refunded.
  5. Stewards will be issued with free stewards-only T-shirts to keep!
  6. Stewards with indoor camping passes will have preferential access to the smaller and quieter venue.
  7. You become a steward after you have bought a weekend pass, filled up this form and we confirm back.

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