IVFDF: Inter Varsity Folk Dance Festival


The History of the Archive

Original the Archive was paper based and maintained by the Information Point (Brian Kingett), while the paper archive is still kept, once Brian stepped down the role of Information Point the role was split into 3 roles as dictated by the new IVFDF constitution. The new archivist (Brian Quinion) moved the archive to the web. Before the archive moved to the web, IVFDF's only permanent presents on the web (apart from each festivals unique website) was the friends of IVFDF website, and the Information Point website.

The first version of the website/archive [1] was basically only updatable by the archivist, it did however get the content of the archive to a wider audience. The archive was then updated again to used mediawiki so others could contribute contents to the archive.

The latest version of the archive maintained by the current archivist (John Brown) is still based on mediawiki, it now allows for extra content to exist outside the archive, for example You Tube.

Access to the Archive

Most of the archive is open to all (History), however some sections (Running_an_ivfdf) are only open to those people who are currently, or previously running an IVFDF. The information stored in the Running_an_ivfdf section is intended mostly to aid those running an IVFDF rather than for general access. To arrange access to one of the closed sections please contact the Archivist.

Adding to the Archive

The archive is open for people to add and contribute to, and in fact openly welcomes contributing from IVFDFers past and present.

There are two ways to contribute, you can signup to the wiki and directly upload contents, or you can submit a zip file to the archivist containing your contributions. Either method is fine. If you are part of a previous IVFDF committee and have documents that are not suitable for public access (e.g. Artists Contracts) then you can make private arrangements with the archivist.