IVFDF: Inter Varsity Folk Dance Festival



At IVFDF 2004 following significant constitutional change Information Point, the central fixed contact point for the festival, has been split into 3 people; who now form the Officers of IVFDF. There is an Archivist, Treasurer and Development Officer (to promote the development of youth folk dance).

Originally the single role of Information Point was started after IVFDF has its first year with money problems (which was quite a while ago now). It was decided that there should be a separate 'refloat fund' the purpose of which was to restart the festival if there was a major loss in the previous years and that there should be someone official to turn to in the event to problems (up until then every festival was very much on its own).

ArchivistJohn Brown, Sheffieldarchivist at ivfdf dot org
TreasurerChristopher Fish, Sheffieldtreasurer at ivfdf dot org
DevelopmentElisa Morris, Exeter

You can find additional contact details in the private part of the website.