IVFDF: Inter Varsity Folk Dance Festival

Future events


One of the greatest aspects of IVFDF is its variety. Each year the festival is organised by a different group (usually associated with a university) with its own flavour and style. It also means that there is always the opportunity for any group that fancies a go to host the festival.

The festival is organised on a 3 year rolling schedule to allow each group plenty of time to make arrangements. This means that at any point there will usually be 2 or 3 festival committees in existence, one finishing (or in final preparations), one preparing for the next year and potentially one just starting their planning.

If you would like to host and organise the festival all that is required is to come along to the AGM (held each year at the festival) with a basic plan for what you would like to do. The AGM will choose between the various proposals.

If you would like to host the festival but are unsure if your group is up to the task you are welcome to as much or as little help as you feel you require.

Future festivals: