IVFDF: Inter Varsity Folk Dance Festival

Resource list


Whether you’re a seasoned Folkie, or have just started dancing today there’s lots of useful resources online. Below is a list of just some of these resources.


Folk Dance Websites


Can’t get your head around all those abbreviated dance notes? Then this is the site for you. Each dance is accompanied by a series of notes and comments translating terms and instructions into plain English. A useful starting place for English/Country Dances. Also includes events listings.

Scottish Country Dance Database (SCDDB)

Claiming to be the largest Scottish Country Dancing database on the web this site contains an excellent collection of Scottish dances and music recordings, with instructions, diagrams, videos, and samples of the music. You could be browsing for hours.

Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary

Contains instructions, crib diagrams and links to instructional videos for common Scottish Country Dances. Also provides explanations for terms, figures, footwork, hand positions, etc – essentially all things Scottish Country Dancing!

Grand Chain – The Edinburgh Scottish Dance Resource

A resource for Scottish dancers worldwide, including bands, groups, links, hints and tips, dances and more for SCD, highland and ceilidh dancers.

Dance Video Archives

Prefer to see dances? This site has a large collection of Contra, English Country, Morris and Square Dance videos.


For those who read French, a great place to chat and discuss all things music and dance.

Set and Turn Single

A website listing folk dance clubs, callers, bands, musicians, events, festivals and even dance holidays!

Traditional Arts & Culture Scotland (TRACS)

Traditionally a Scottish ceilidh was much more than just dancing, including music and storytelling, TRACS aims to encourage collaboration and offers a range of resources.

Folk Tunes Websites

The Session

A great site to find tunes. Search by tune type, key or name to find the sheet music, ABC file, midi file and chords for a wide range of folk tunes. You’ll be sure to find the tune for you – or maybe 100…Also lists sessions going on across the world.


Another great site for tunes, you can search by title, key, time signature or, more excitingly, by typing in the notes that start the tune into the keyboard!

Mainly Norfolk: English Folk & Other Good Music

A monster of a site comprising 4628 web pages cataloguing 2163 songs and tunes as well as albums and books. Helping you find the words to your favourite songs.

JC’s ABC Music Collection

A slightly less user-friendly site, but not to be overlooked if you’re a fan of the ABC format. ABC files can be searched for by title, tune type, and by country.

Callers’ Websites

Ceilidh Calling – John Brown

A collection of useable dances and tips for callers. It’s database of dances is not to be overlooked when searching for a dance to fit a tune.

A Barn Dance Repertoire – Thomas Green

A no-nonsense site for callers, containing a collection of simple English barn/ceilidh dances organized by name, formation, and difficulty. You might just find a hidden gem.

Ben Farmer’s Ceilidh Dances

Looking for dance notes that you can just print out? See here.

Folk Society/Club Websites

The Round – Cambridge University

A vast site for all things Playford, and more besides! As well as all sorts of dances and music the site also has a handy list of Country Dance terminology.

Sheffield University Ceilidh Society

Apart from having an adorable mascot, Sheffield boasts a hidden gem of a tune book (see Music > CeilidhSoc’s Old site or cheat and click here). They also have a facebook group - Sheffield’s Facebook Group.

On Bouge

The website of a French folk dance club in London, it has lots of information and links related to French/European folk music and dancing.

Know of a great resource that’s not on this list? Get in touch by emailing us!