IVFDF: Inter Varsity Folk Dance Festival

Cambridge, Stewards Pack



Stewarding IVFDF 2001: Dos, Don'ts and Whys.

Thank you for volunteering to Steward IVFDF 2001. Without your support the whole weekend would be a failure. This handout is intended to give you some idea of what is expected of you over the weekend, and what you can expect from us in return. In addition to this handout, you will be briefed in small groups on Friday night, or whenever you arrive at the festival.

The Most Important Thing.

You are at IVFDF to enjoy yourself. Stewarding should not prevent that, it should enhance it. Almost all stewarding duties are performed in pairs. You need not be on duty all the time, but if you are wearing your T-shirt, it is fair for punters to assume you know what is going on, or can find out.

All Answers are at Reception...

If you are ever in any doubt, the answer lies at Reception. There will be a folder of "useful information" there about the local area, and events of the Festival. Also at reception will be a mobile phone, and a list of committee members mobile phone numbers. At any time one Committee member will be designated "First Contact". If there is a problem, they should be contacted using the phone.

If there is an emergency (medical, fire etc) then stay calm. Get a message to reception (go there yourself or get someone to go for you). Reception will call for an ambulance etc. In case of fire direct any punters to the nearest exit and get out yourself. Details of fire procedures will be given during your briefing.

If, heaven forbid, any punter wants to make a complaint about the Festival, be polite. Don't disagree with them. If you can solve the problem, solve it. If you can't, explain that you can't help and direct them to reception or find a committee member to deal with them. If a complaint arrives at reception, call the First Contact to deal with it.

If, on the other hand, any punter wishes to praise you or the festival, take it squarely on the chin, and glow with pride. And then tell all the other Stewards, and the Committee, if you remember. We all like praise. It is part of what makes us a team.


There are 3 types of tickets being used at the weekend.

  1. ARM-bands. Weekend ticket holders will all have green bands around their wrist. You'll have one too, so you'll be able to see what it is like. They are shower-proof and non-transferable. Stewards selling tickets should insist that people wear them. First Contact will deal with any queries about them.
  2. Ceilidh Tickets. Individual tickets are available for Saturday evening (all events), the Display Ceilidh and the Survivors Ceilidh.
  3. Workshop Tickets. Workshop tickets must be surrendered to the stewards on entry to a workshop. They are transferable between workshops, if the punter's preferred workshop is full.

It is up to event stewards to decide when events are full. The only people allowed into full events are committee members, and the two stewards for the event. Committee members will be wearing two ARM-bands, so you can spot them easily.


Stewards at full events will need to ensure that people "popping out to the loo" are given "pass-outs" allowing them back in.

People intending to visit another event should not be given pass outs, but it is anticipated that stewards at each event will know how full the others are, to warn people leaving that they may not get into the other event. This most likely involves the committee running round

This will probably only happen on Saturday evening, and on Saturday morning, while B5 is out of action for Display practices.


In order to evaluate the festival, we are going to count the number of people at each workshop and ceilidh. Stewards at reception will note ticket sales. Stewards keeping an eye on how full a venue is shouldn't have too much trouble writing down that number.

Stewarding Duties

Each duty lasts between 1 and 8 hours. Most stewards are doing 3 duties over the weekend.


The Holodeck is the school Gym. The Deathstar floor is new (and cheap) and prone to damage. So, shoes worn in these rooms should not have taps or hobnails. Also shoes worn in the Deathstar should have non-marking soles.


Manor Community College is a non-smoking environment. Please let a committee member know if you see anyone smoking.

And finally...

Remember to enjoy IVFDF 2001.

The last time Cambridge had IVFDF, 1997, our stewards were praised as a most helpful and pleasant group. So we have a tradition to uphold!

Next year, IVFDF 2002 is expected to be in St Andrews, in the Kingdom of Fife (south-eastern Scotland).