Friends of IVFDF

Friends of Inter Varsity Folk Dance Festival

IVFDF 2005
25th to 27th February

Latest update: Friends disbanded

Following the IVFDF 2004 Reps meeting Friends of IVFDF was disbanded as the ideals and intentions for which it had been created had been superceded by changes in the main IVFDF constitution. The underwriting fund, has been seeded to the new IVFDF central point fund. The new constitution included the idea of providing external advisors to a festival to provide expertise and also some financial acumen to less experienced festival committees and an external view to those with more experience.

The page below shows some of the history behind Friends and all of the original website has been kept to be included in the IVFDF archive.

Why Friends of IVFDF?

The idea for Friends of IVFDF came about following growing concern over the future of the festival.  It has been difficult recently to find university societies able to host IVFDF.  Among the reasons that students feel unable to host the festival is the financial risk involved.  It was felt that, if an underwriting fund could be set up, this would help considerably. Also, the expertise of people who have run IVFDF or similar events over the years can be presented for the new organisers to tap into.

Aims of the Friends

  1. To finance an underwriting fund for IVFDF
  2. To allow easier access to the expertise and information available
  3. To provide ex-members of university societies (and other interested parties) with a way to stay involved with IVFDF.


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