Inter Varsity Folk Dance Festival

IVFDF 2000
University of Glasgow
February 25th — 27th

50 Years of Folk

Out of the depths of winter .........

The 50th Inter Varsity Folk Dance Festival returns for the first time in 30 years to the West of Scotland. A weekend of ceilidhs, dance and music workshops, dance demonstrations and social events. All this and more based in the historic University of Glasgow in the heart of the West End of Glasgow.

Don't just sit there and mope, join in the fun.

Ceilidhs and dances The Inter Varsity Folk Dance Festival been held annually since 1951. It is a national festival organised by British university societies. The tour so far spans almost a score of locations as far apart as Southampton and Exeter in the south and Glasgow and Edinburgh in the north.

As the millennium turns over (I'm not going to argue whether this is the last of the old millennium or the first of the new millennium) and IVFDF celebrates its golden jubilee, it's coming back to Scotland.

IVFDF is attended by students and non-students from all over the UK. The festival lasts for one extremely busy weekend.

IVFDF is about more than just dancing, of course. There's no dancing without music, so you'll see knots of musicians filling any handy corner in impromptu jam sessions, and there are playing workshops as well. A craft fair within the IVFDF venue attracts craftspeople from around the country.

More details of the provisional programme of events.

Programme for Scottish Dance.

As well as the usual dance on Friday night, a choice of three on Saturday night and the Sunday survivors ceilidh, there will be a late night ceilidh on Saturday night for those who can't stop dancing. There will be usual demonstration ceilidh on the Saturday afternoon for those who want to show off. Bands so far confirmed for IVFDF are Peeping Tom with Martin Harvey and This Way Up with Sheila Mainwaring. Although IVFDF is a national event, it will of course have a Scottish flavour, with a wide range of workshops devoted to such features as Scottish formation dances, hardshoe step dances, Highland dances and many more. As always, the rest of the world is not far behind, with Fallibrome, Salsa, Rock and Roll Variations, Rapper Sword, Clog Morris, Scandinavian and more. As well as dance and music workshops, Tai-Chi and Yoga find their way into the weekend.

The Inter Varsity Folk Dance Festival has brought you fifty years of music and dance, it now returns to Glasgow after years in the wilderness. Don't Miss out on the 50th IVFDF, you might have to wait another 30 years before it returns to the West of Scotland!

Early Booking

To make sure that you don't miss out on this event please fill out an application form and post it to us. Ticket prices for advance booking are shown to the right. A list of local Bed and Breakfast establishments within crawling distance of the Festival is available on request.

Tickets, whether for individuals or for groups or teams, will be available for collection at the main reception desk during the Festival. Please bring your receipt as proof of purchase.

Type of Ticket Price Concessions
Weekend Ticket£16£11
Friday night£5£4
Saturday All Day£11£7.50
Saturday night£6£5


Fifty years of IVFDF

We are now looking to recruit stewards to help running this event. If you are interested, please complete an application form.We are hoping to mount an exhibition about the history of IVFDF. As a result we are looking for stories, experiences, memorabilia, information or anything that might be at all related to any IVFDF that has happened at any stage in the past. If you have anything to contribute, please can you contact Seonaid Gent <> of Stirling University Scottish Country Dance Society.

Getting in touch

Keeping up to Date
The organisers can be contact via e-mailed at; they include (in no particular order) Nora Mogey and Claire Milne in Edinburgh, Ian Thompson in Ponteland (near Newcastle), James Williams in Peterborough, Seonaid Gent in Stirling, Vicki Whitcomb in St. Andrews and Tracey Scouthern, Ranko Vrcelj, Rose McIlwhan and others in Glasgow. To be kept up to date with IVFDF news, join the ivfdf-news mailing list on tardis. To join, send mail to with subscribe ivfdf-news in the body of the message. Messages sent by list members to will be forwarded to all list members.

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This page is hosted by Ian Brockbank, written by Ian Thompson partly based on a flyer produced by Ranko Vrcelj.
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