Things You Need to Know



Wearing your IVFDF bage entitles you to entry to any event where there is space. Some events are bound to be very popular so if you are depserate to get in to a particular one, get there early. Unless you are rich and have booked you own accomadation you will be indoor camping where can find space, EXCEPT in the Gallery Bar, Balcony Bar, Ram Bar, Great Hall and Refectory (cos we'll dance on you in there).

All the festival venues are close to one another so aprt from Morris dancers on tour, you can save all your energy for the ceilidhs, concerts and workshops.


Stewards (are great and lovely people):

Strewards and commitee are all wearing black T-shirts with a luminous pink pig on the front. Like you, they're here to have a good time. Please wear you badge so they your legit and don't give them a hard time if anything is full. They can't help it and it's nothing to do with them (honest, guv!).


NO SMOKING anywhere except the Ram Bar.

Access to rooms:

Please be considerate to workshop teachers and don't go into rooms to collect belongings whilst a workshop is in progress. Please note there will nbe no access to the Long Lounge during the workshops. Access to the JCR can be gained by going via the Coffee Bar.



An Anglican service is held in the chapel at 10:30 on Sunday.

The Reps meeting is on Sunday at 11:00 in the Gallery Bar