Inter-Varsity Folk Dance Festival 1997

Cambridge - the 47th festival

Friday February 28th - Sunday March 2nd

Men at work (as it will be until the festival is over!)

Well, we are still here, and so is assorted lost property

The sports hall thought you were wonderful, and said we should make it an annual event.

Sheffield host IVFDF 1998, Exeter will probably host 1999.


What's ...

New Updated


We have now mainly overcome our massive sleeping problem. Sleeping is still limited, so if you know anyone in Cambridge it will be very helpful if you could arrange to sleep with them. The sleeping that we can provide comes in the form of 2 Church Halls and a college function room, so you will require your sleeping bags.

IVFDF'97 supports RAG

This year, for the 1st time (as far as I'm aware), IVFDF is holding an all night French Dance. This event will be in aid of RAG, so there will be buckets going round for you to contribute. I would like to encourage you all to raise as much money as possible. This is for weekend ticket holders only.

Timetable (Updated)


Time Event Venue
18:00 Reception Opens Anglia Student's Union
20:30-00:00 (Updated) Dance Junction 24 & Bob Archer New Hall Dome
20:00-00:00 European Ceilidh RSVP Anglia Canteen



KK = Kelsey Kerridge Sports Hall

Time Event Venue
09:00-13:15 Workshops Anglia
10:30-16:00 Morris Tours Cambridge
10:30-13:15 Display Rehearsals Anglia Canteen
14:00-16:45 "Display" Ceilidh The Cherry Hinton Band & Hugh Stewart KK Gallery
17:00-18:15 Workshops Anglia
20:00-00:00 Ceilidh Junction 24 & Martyn Harvey KK Main Hall
20:00-00:00 Dance Contradition & Colin Hume KK Gallery
20:00-00:00 Scottish Dance Ian Morrison & band KK Aerobics Studio
20:00-00:00 Morris Ale Granta Morris Anglia Canteen
00:30-08:30 RAG French Dance Becky Price & friends (New) Anglia Canteen


Time Event Venue
09:00-13:15 Workshops Anglia
13:30-17:00 Survivors Ceilidh Scratch band, led by The Round Band Anglia Canteen
13:30-14:30 Informal Scottish all dances taught "Pink" room
17:00 Reception Closes

Sample Workshops

Walsh Dances, Welsh Dances, Maggots, Kentucky Running Set, Cotswold Morris, Molly Dancing, Salsa, Sword, Scottish Dances, Historical Dance, The Magic Bush Brothers.

Here is the most up to date workshop programme. (Updated)


This year, the "Display ceilidh" is being held in a hall of dimension 30x10m (less seating space). There is one door, at the rear end of the hall. There will be a sheet at reception for you to fill in your preferred rehearsal time. If you want the Cherry Hinton Band to play for you, then you are too late. You will have to provide your own music (either cassette tape or live).


Advance tickets are available from Anthony Bearon, St. John's College, Cambridge, CB2 1TP. Tickets will also be available during the festival at the reception, Anglia Polytechnic University Students' Union, East Road, Cambridge, England. Tickets for individual workshops are available on the door. Please note that admission to events is by badges that will be supplied on arrival. The only exceptions to this rule are: 1) No badge for an individual workshop & 2) There exists tickets for Sat. eve. as well.

Prices are:

How to get to IVFDF'97

Here is a page of directions, containing several different maps.

We want to keep in touch!

If you would like us to keep you up to date with our plans, get in touch. Mail us at ivfdf@doves.demon.co.uk. Or alternatively: IVFDF '97, 92 Histon Road, Cambridge, CB4 3JP, 01223 363779.

Also, we are interested in expanding the base of people who know about IVFDF. If you know of any group/person who might be interested, and you can give us a contact - either electronic or manual - please let us know.


IVFDF 97 is being organised in Cambridge by members of The Round, the Reel Club and Granta Morris.

Have a look at the Inter Varsity Folk Dance Festival home page for more information about IVFDF.

Committee members

Title (not that this means much) Name email
Operations Katherine Addison 94kaa@eng.cam.ac.uk
Fundraiser Richard Arden R.Arden@econ.cam.ac.uk
Treasurer, Bands Anthony Bearon ajb45@cam.ac.uk
Morris Ilse Briggs
Publicity Jonathan Coxhead jonathan@doves.demon.co.uk
Chairthing, Workshops Gina Millard ajb45@thor.cam.ac.uk
Promotions Cathy Murphy cathy@ousekjar.demon.co.uk
Scottish Graham Veitch gjv20@cus.cam.ac.uk
Facilities Hugh Stewart hugh@sdl.ug.eds.com


Anthony Bearon, ajb45@cam.ac.uk
Last modified: 22nd February 1997.