What is IVFDF?

The Inter-Varsity Folk Dance Festival has been held annually since 1951. It is a national festival organised by British university societies. The tour so far spans almost a score of locations as far apart as Southampton and Exeter in the south and Glasgow and Edinburgh in the north. This information is also arranged by frequency.

IVFDF is attended by students and non-students from all over the UK. The festival lasts for one extremely busy weekend. The participants take part in workshops covering a wide range of dance styles - Scottish Country, Highland, Morris, Rapper Sword, Irish, and Playford are typical examples, with plenty of more exotic workshops varying from year to year.

IVFDF is about more than just dancing, of course. There's no dancing without music, so you'll see knots of musicians filling any handy corner in impromptu jam sessions, and there are playing workshops as well. Juggling is always popular, and a craft fair within the IVFDF venue attracts craftspeople from around the country.

There is a chance for each group to show off at the Saturday afternoon performance, and live bands play for full-blown dances on the Friday and Saturday nights.

But above all, IVFDF is about meeting new people, trying new things, and having fun.

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